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Choosing A Metal Fabricator

If you require high-quality metal fabrication services there can seem to be an overwhelming array of options. One of the key considerations is that the company you choose to work with has experience working on projects of a similar scale and complexity. This can help ensure your project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. Reading through reviews and testimonials can also be helpful. Often getting in touch with a metal fabricator and discussing the requirements of your project is key to understanding the available options for your project.

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Experience With Similar Projects

For the best quality outcomes, wide-ranging industry experience is crucial. On jobs that require HSE compliant guarding, platforms and screening, for example, it is important that the company you work with has an awareness of the relevant regulatory requirements. Relevant experience is also important from a perspective of getting clarity on timeframes at the outset of a project.

Customer Service

On bespoke fabrication jobs communication and customer service is crucial to achieving the best outcome. High-quality customer service begins at the design stage of the project and continues throughout each phase of the project including fast response times, flexibility and listening to clients throughout the process.

Design Versatility

In many cases, fabrication will have to meet rigid requirements in alignment with the installation setting. For this reason it is important that the fabricator you choose to work with. If you have a bespoke metal fabrication job that you are unsure whether a company can complete, getting in touch to discuss your project is a good starting point.

For High Quality Metal Fabrication, Get In Touch With Our Team

Based in Bradford, our highly-trained team at Panda Engineering offer high-quality steel fabrication services for a wide range of projects whether you require staircases and walkways, guarding and screening or a large number of other fabrication jobs. Offering bespoke fabrications, our team is focussed on understanding the required specifications for your project and delivering an expert service. For more information on how we can help with your project, get in touch today by calling 01274 744887 or emailing

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