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How To Keep Your Factory Safe & Secure With Fabrication Solutions

Safety and security are at the forefront of every business's priorities, whether they’re a small local shop or a factory serving thousands of customers. You want to keep your products secure while keeping your workers' safety in mind. You may also want to segment your business or create additional space to use. One of the best ways to accomplish all of this is to use steel fabrication services. Bespoke fabrication is great because it’s very unique, and you can design pieces that fit your requirements exactly.

Here is how to keep your factory safe and secure with bespoke fabrication solutions.

Walkways, Staircases And Mezzanines

Sometimes the floor space isn't enough for your factory and you need additional room. An ideal solution is using fabrication services to create an upper-floor mezzanine. The mezzanine space, along with staircases and walkways can all be fabricated and ready to install in your factory. This upper floor can be used for more working space, office space, storage or whatever you need it for.

Being made from steel, you and all of your employees will feel safe and secure working at height on the mezzanine, especially because of the fabricated handrails that can be installed to protect from falling. All of these features being made out of metal is ideal for a number of reasons, such as not burning or melting during a fire, leaving you able to safely evacuate. They are also easier to clean than other materials, enabling you to keep up with your hygiene standards.

Screening & Guarding

You may have sections of your factory you want to keep separate from the others. You can keep them secure with premium fabricated guarding and screening. This allows you to easily separate a space, as nobody will be able to easily break through the quality metalwork. This enables you to store valuables in this space, or hazardous materials that only certain people in your factory are qualified to handle.

It can even help you pass health and safety checks, as an inspector can see you are taking precautions against potential hazards by having your factory segmented to reduce risk.

Bespoke Fabrications From Panda Engineering

If you’re looking for bespoke steel and sheet metal fabrication for your business, get in touch today with Panda Engineering Ltd. We are experts in fabrication services, using our years of experience to work with you from the initial fabrication design concept through to the delivery of your finished product.

We aim to produce staircases, walkways, platforms, screening, mezzanines, guarding, food-grade stainless steel and bespoke fabrications fit for your needs and deliver them within your timescale and budget.

So call today on 01274 744887 to talk through your requirements with one of our team, or visit our website now to explore all of our services including CNC engineering, anodising and plating.

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