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Anodisation For Food Preparation & Other Benefits

Maintaining good food preparation standards is vital to the success of any restaurant, bakery or anywhere else food is prepared. It is essential as it makes sure food is prepared safely and without the risk of contamination. One way that this is done is through anodisation. Anodisation is an electrochemical process that converts a metal surface into an anodic oxide finish. It is largely used on aluminium, but other non-ferrous metals can also be anodised.

Panda Engineering Ltd offers anodisation of our fabrication services and have put together a few tips for maintaining food preparation standards using anodisation and some of the other benefits of anodisation.

Food Preparation & Anodisation

Anodisation is great for use in restaurants and other food preparation areas due to it not being harmful to human health. An anodised surface is non-toxic, chemically stable and heat-resistant, making it perfect to be used when preparing food. Just simply clean it regularly and it will not be harmful to human health.

Food grade stainless steel is designed to be used in a busy kitchen in conjunction with health and safety. It is heat resistant and won’t be susceptible to general wear and tear. It is also easily cleaned, meaning you can put food items and crockery on top of it without the worry of contamination.

Make sure you keep your work surfaces clean and wash them if they’ve been touched by raw food.

Other Benefits To Anodisation

Anodisation is a popular metal finish as it is incredibly durable. Investing in materials that are anodised will save you money as you won’t have to frequently reinvest in less than ideal products. They also have lower maintenance costs due to how they are made, making them hard to scratch or scar. Most anodised surfaces can simply be cleaned with some soap and a sponge to return it to its original appearance with ease.

Due to this your surfaces that are anodised will remain aesthetically pleasing for years to come, with amazing coating stability and a number of colour variations to maintain the metallic appearance but look great at the same time.

Steel Fabrication From Panda Engineering

If you’re looking for bespoke fabrications of food-grade stainless steel or fabricated sheet metal of any kind, get in touch today with Panda Engineering Ltd. We have years of experience in creating high-quality metalwork, working with customers to design solutions suitable for you and then delivering the item or items within your budget and timescale.

So give us a call today on 01274744887 to talk through your fabrication requirements with a member of our team, or visit our website now to find out more about the great work we do for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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