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A Quick Guide To CNC Machining

CNC machining provides the option to manufacture components using a wide range of materials to exact specifications. Metal and plastic are both commonly used materials in the CNC manufacturing process. Used across a wide range of industries this manufacturing process is invaluable as it can provide a cost-effective option for individual components to be manufactured to exact specifications. It is also scalable with the option for a high volume of items to be efficiently produced.

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Manufacturing Process

The first step in the manufacturing process is creating a design for the item in CAD (computer aided design). The CAD design provides the option to design components and parts to exact specifications. Once the design is completed on CAD, this is then exported to a code that can be implemented in a CNC machine. The machine uses a workpiece and implements a subtractive process to manufacture the end product.

What Are The Different Types Of CNC Machining?

There is a wide variety of different types of CNC machining. Two common CNC processes are milling, involving a tool that rotates, and CNC turning, which involves the part rotating. Other examples of different processes include grinding and wire eroding. In wire eroding, an electrically charged wire is used to cut through the workpiece to exact specifications.

Which Industries Use CNC Machining?

The accuracy and efficiency of CNC manufacturing processes means that it is an invaluable option for a wide range of sectors. Another reason CNC is used across so many sectors is the wide variety of materials that can be used in this process. Reflecting the variety of applications of CNC machining, it has medical applications in creating implants and prosthetics whilst also offering bespoke parts and components in the automotive industry.

Choosing A Manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer there is a range of factors to consider. One of the main factors is specialist experience. It is important to work with a manufacturer that has prior experience delivering a high-quality end product when working on similar projects. Other factors include turnaround time, customer service and the variety of machining options. Looking at reviews and testimonials can help provide confidence when choosing a new manufacturer to work with.

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