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Alloy Wheel Repair

Cracked alloy wheels are becoming an increasingly common problem due to poor road conditions.

We can repair cracks, stress fractures or kerb damage whilst maintaining the wheel strength and integrity.

The first step of the repair process is to grind both sides of the crack (to remove any contamination therefore giving a clean weld).

Step 2 is to TIG weld inside and outside of the alloy wheel. Once the weld is complete it is as strong as a new wheel.

Finally we will dress the weld back on the inside of the wheel which allows the tyre to re-seal correctly.

We also offer Alloy wheel straightening. We mount the wheel onto our straightening machine and heat the affected area using a small propane torch (this stops the wheel cracking). Hydraulic cylinders are used to press the wheel back into shape. The wheel is then spun and checked for straightness using a dial test indicator.

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